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Getting the word out from other boards about Daniel Arsenault: Daniel Arsenault Photography and House Renter is not to be trusted. They're Several Complaints here about Daniel Arsenault Photography and his slummy house renting practices.

Daniel Arsenault Photographer Dead Beat

My office had a terrible experience with Daniel Arsenault Photography. After Daniel Arseanult was hired, he neurotically called nonstop daily annoying everybody. One day he called sixteen times!

On the day of the shoot, Daniel Arsenault arrived looking and smelling hung-over, dressed like a homeless person. What an embarrassment.

From the beginning we noticed Daniel Arsenault was tense and nervous. During the shoot, the assistant made some technical suggestions to Daniel Arsenault. Daniel Arsenault then preceded to blow up and suddenly turned mean, screaming profanities, and threw something at the technical assistant scaring the rest of the crew.

We stopped the shoot, and let Daniel Arseanult go.

We later continued the shoot with a younger and more professional photographer, who had all the latest equipment. His work was perfect and he was a joy to work with. He was a third of the cost of what we would had paid incompetent, overpriced Daniel Arsenault Photography.

Since then, we have heard he's built such a tremendously negative reputation for himself and we obviously know why

posted 10/14/10 by Pat

Re: Daniel Arsenault Photographer Dead Beat


The truth is, no one can work with the highly talented genius, of Daniel Arsenault of of Daniel Arsenault Photo illustration. For those who know Daniel Aresenault you know he lives in what could be called an "alternate" universe, where situations and stories blur the edges of reality. Delays, Incompletes, and Rudeness are part of the scene. Daniel Arsenault of Daniel Arsenault Photo Illustration does CRAZY things. Wether he is a malicious person or not_ _ _ _ ?? It's hard to tell, but if anyone can put up with him is a definite NO !


I had a similar experience with Daniel Arsenault in Salt Lake City. I was supposed to rent a house from him. I gave him a $750 cash deposit (I know, ***) and he rented the place to someone else and kept my money. He was really friendly right after we first met, so I trusted him. He is a talented artist, but the man is just a mess.

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I rented a house from this man. When we moved out we cleaned, painted the entire house as well as the front and back porch.

Daniel Arsenault said that he would have our deposit mailed to us within the week. Our deposit was $2000.00. We waited a week then he emailed and said he would send it in two days. then he promised to send it in three days.

Finally after a month of this, I called him out on it. He sent me a check for $700.00. When I asked him where the rest was he said I should just shut up and consider myself lucky he never reported me to the credit agency for paying rent late! I have, in my possesion, every receipt from every rent payment I ever made and I was never late!

They are all dated before the first of the month or right on the first. Sadly, there is little I can do since this man has no real address I can't sue him in small claims court. He also kept a washer and dryer that belonged to me, saying he would buy them from me, but I never got paid. Do not do business with this creature!

I wish I had googled his name before I rented his house. What a piece of work!

I can only hope that something horrible happens to him. Karma and all.


Unfortunately I fell for the lies and was misled just like the rest. This person is dangerous.


@test--Yes, apparently you can write whatever nonsense you want to, and there's no way to refute a faceless, nameless accuser.

Who are these people? They rip someone's name to shreds, but don't stand up and identify themselves. Why would anyone believe this garbage?

I would guess the whole thing is the work of one person who posts under a bunch of different names. Apparently she (obviously) has nothing better to do than go after some old boyfriend. What on earth does having "zero degrees of empathy" have to do with photography, house rentals, or any other business?

Suggesting someone assaulted you (if they did not) is a legally actionable offense. For the rest, stop embarrassing yourself.


Daniel Arsenault might very well be insane. In any event, he is manipulative, incoherent, and literally impossible to work with, for, or around.

I have known Daniel Arsenault (Daniel Arseno, Eddie Scratt) in his "professional" capacity as a photographer (several years ago, in California). It's fortunate for him that a professional license is not required for whatever freelance work he can get, because no half-functioning state employee would grant him a license to do anything but institutionalize himself. Not only is he thoroughly unprofessional and emotionally unbalanced, he is incompetent as a photographer.

Further, he regularly defrauds models, property owners, and crew. He's not bad at telling some half-believable sob story about his ailing mother draining his savings, and then takes advantage of people's sympathy when he claims he will pay them for their work in the future.

I have personally witnessed him defraud people on at least three occasions, and luckily have never agreed to work with him in a capacity where he was responsible for paying me. Each time he persuades the person to work "with" him on a project that is going to be "big," promises to share the profits from the project with the person or pay them later, behaves like an egotistical maniac for the duration of the project, has a tantrum on the set, berates models and crew for bizarre reasons, makes vague promises about payment or photo trades, and soon thereafter leaves town trailing excuses and inexplicable anger.

His behavior extends beyond that of an egotistical, tantrum-throwing diva photographer because it is fueled by apparent delusions. He often has immense trouble communicating coherently and is incapable of focusing his attention on a conversation or task. He acts similar to a person with schizophrenia, and that is not an exaggeration. Sometimes he will erupt into anger for no reason or derail activities with an intense determination to do something that is completely nonsensical and impracticable at the time. He spends a lot of time asking for input on his unrelated work while on set.

Don't get mixed up with Daniel Arsenault. He is annoying, sociopathic, unbalanced, vindictive about imagined slights, and will spend 90% of your time babbling about nonsense, 10% of your time attempting to produce photographs.


Can anyone write any type of *** here?


ASSAULTED BY DANIEL E. ARSENO his name be Dan Arsenault he use that to some of the peoples he play act.


His whole past thirty years of life have been spent, hunting down people to *** with and use sexually to get his way and free dinners,accommodations, rooms, vacations and so forth,He is nearing 62 and his mouth is going. He told me he better hurry and marry and find a rich woman.

He assaulted and breaking house when we found out half his junky story about being kept is well known and Jesus Bible talking false. He tolds me he going hit me with nail in a board. He telling all my family falsehoods about previous hidden marriages. They rememebr so knows they be 2 marriages we find and he have other childrens he be secret.

He round any parts near my land children he being arrested. Cops he run for it so he not be back soon.

He sticky finger thief taking stuff it on camera. Look out and report to police dangerous mens.


Zero degrees of empathy means you have no awareness of how you come across to others, how to interact with others, or how to anticipate their feelings or reactions. It leaves you feeling mystified by why relationships don't work out, and it creates a deep-seated self-centredness.

Other people's thoughts and feelings are just off your radar.

It leaves you doomed to do your own thing, in your own little bubble, not just oblivious of other people's feelings and thoughts but oblivious to the idea that there might even be other points of view. The consequence is that you believe 100% in the rightness of your own ideas and beliefs, and judge anyone who does not hold your beliefs as wrong, or ***.

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