Heres More on the photographer Daniel Arsenault of Daniel Arsenault Photo Illustration with link.


Re: Daniel Arsenault Photographer Dead Beat My office had a terrible experience with Daniel Arsenault Photography. After Daniel Arseanult was hired, he neurotically called nonstop daily annoying everybody. One day he called sixteen times!On the day of the shoot, Daniel Arsenault arrived looking and smelling hung-over, dressed like a homeless person. What an embarrassment.

From the beginning we noticed Daniel Arsenault was tense and nervous. During the shoot, the assistant made some technical suggestions to Daniel Arsenault. Daniel Arsenault then preceded to blow up and suddenly turned mean, screaming profanities, and threw something at the technical assistant scaring the rest of the crew.We stopped the shoot, and let Daniel Arseanult go.

We later continued the shoot with a younger and more professional photographer, who had all the latest equipment. His work was perfect and he was a joy to work with. He was a third of the cost of what we would had paid incompetent, overpriced Daniel Arsenault Photography.

Since then, we have heard he's built such a tremendously negative reputation for himself and we obviously know why posted 10/14/10 by Pat

Re: Daniel Arsenault Photographer Dead Beat WARNING DANIEL ARSENAULT PHOTO ILLUSTRATION The truth is, no one can work with the highly talented genius, of Daniel Arsenault of of Daniel Arsenault Photo illustration. For those who know Daniel Aresenault you know he lives in what could be called an "alternate" universe, where situations and stories blur the edges of reality. Delays, Incompletes, and Rudeness are part of the scene. Daniel Arsenault of Daniel Arsenault Photo Illustration does CRAZY things. Wether he is a malicious person or not_ _ _ _ ?? It's hard to tell, but if anyone can put up with him is a definite NO !

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I had a similar experience with Daniel Arsenault in Salt Lake City. I was supposed to rent a house from him. I gave him a $750 cash deposit (I know, ***) and he rented the place to someone else and kept my money. He was really friendly right after we first met, so I trusted him. He is a talented artist, but the man is just a mess.

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If you want a black eye or money to go missing...


Good old fashion CRAZY SCARY GUY. Good to see people are speaking out about this man. Thankful for this forum so others don't take a beating.


I have known and worked artistically with Dan over the past 10 years. He is incredibly talented and creative.

He has the mind of a genius and sometimes people who think differently and artistically about things see life in a different light. I think he is wonderful.

Working with him has been more of an adventure than just a day shooting pictures. I am grateful for every experience I have had with him.


I've work in the small office of a nonprofit public service organization in Sale Lake City for about three years, and two years ago a photographer named Daniel Arsenault joined our staff part time. Over time, he's become increasingly rude and demanding. This is something that both visitors to the office and other co-workers noted about Daniel Arsenault. He was argumentative about everything, big or small; he resists any kind of help or suggestions concerning his work; he would not inform me about important meetings; he stormed out of clients offices. He yelled at people over the phone and used the f-word often.

My boss noticed and was bothered by it. I feel like I was always tiptoeing around my coworker. I was so miserable being around Daniel Arsenault that I thought about quitting like the two others who did. I didn’t want to appear whiny by complaining to the boss, and I don’t think it would of been productive to confront my co-worker either. I was afraid he was going to blow up and physically attack me. Finally the boss had a epic fight that ended in the parking lot with the police on their way. Daniel Arsenault was fired and our office is tolerable and pleasant once again.

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